Management Rights

Management Rights (sometimes referred to as Management and Letting Rights, or M.L.R.) are a form of business enterprise. These businesses have been around for over 25 years, and are found mainly in Queensland, but increasingly in NSW.

Back in the early 1970’s, national and international property developers “discovered” Queensland. Now, our skyline is dotted with residential and holiday resort complexes, apartment complexes, townhouse / villa developments, and tourist facilities. Behind the doors of most of these, exists a Management Rights business. The developers of these complexes realized that there was an advantage in having an on-site manager, who would look after the day to day running of the complex, as well as provide a Letting Management service to absentee investor owners.

In Queensland, the evolution of this concept led to State Government legislation to formalise and control the industry, thus offering legal safeguards to unit owners, Bodies Corporate, and Resident Unit Managers alike.

Essentially, a Management Rights business involves the owner of the business enjoying a contractual agreement with the Body Corporate (see Definitions), of a multi-unit complex to supply certain services, in exchange for a salary — and the right to earn further commission and services income from individual owners in the complex.

The second part of the deal is that, simultaneously with purchasing the Management Rights business, the Resident Unit Manager purchases the designated “Manager’s Unit” in the complex. It is from this unit that the Manager runs the business. You can see from this arrangement, that the Manager has a vested and financial interest in the successful performance of the complex. If he/she neglects things that should be done, and the complex becomes “run-down”, the Manager’s property would also be devalued.

Many people regard Management Rights as the ultimate “Home-Based Business”, offering lifestyle, excellent return on investment and good re-sale potential.

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